Our Health Protocol is by far the most popular purchase, offering Cellular health, Gut Microbiome Health and advanced Immune System boosting. It gives the best results in the shortest amount of time. To purchase the Health Protocol CLICK HERE

Our Hero product is our Balance Oil Kit with Tests. Establishing your Omega 6:3 ratio is the start of your journey. 95% of us are out of balance, causing inflammatory markers to raise. Take the simple Dry Blood Spot Test and send it to be analysed by Vitas Labs in Oslo. Start taking the Balance Oil and redress the balance in 120 days. 100% Natural – 4 delicious flavours
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AquaX Balance Oil Test Kit is a Patented formula that is dispersable in water or juice. Perfect for children or the elderly and also those with a more delicate stomach. Works equally as well and is a Lemon Flavour.
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We also cater for the growing population of Vegans with our Patented product which ensures you get the best source of Omega 3 100% Natural and guaranteed FREE from any animal by products. Our fabulous blend of marine micro algaes, EPA, DHA, SDA, GLA, Olive polyphenols and Echium seed oil and Vegan Vit D3. Read about Vegan oil HERE
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ZinoBiotic is one of my favourites! Gut health is so important and this little pot of powder that can be mixed with water or added to food and sauces has the best results in improving the gut microbiome. 5 different fibres, Psyllium husks, Fructooligosaccharides, 1.3-1.6 Beta Glucans. Gentle colon cleanse, regulates movements, helps lower cholesterol and works within 24-48 hours.
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Viva is our 100% Natural Vegan Nootrppic food supplement. Affron extract blended with marine Magnesium, Vit B Complex from buckwheat, Vit C from acerola extract. Aids better sleep, lifts mood and helps with anxiety and stress. Read about Viva HERE
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These are just a few of our many Premier Offers. For more individual offers please do go to our site page CLICK HERE Of course if you would like some help in making the suitable choice, don’t hesitate to call on 07786 868782 (WhatsApp) and I shall be happy to help you. Sue

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