September 11

Inflammatory Oils to Avoid


Any oil high in Omega 6 essential fatty acid should be avoided or minimised in terms of use. A modern diet provides us with way too many of these fats and they throw you body out of balance. We are designed to operate at a 1:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3. In recent years it has become clear the vast majority of people are likely to be out of balance, shown by extensive random testing of people in advanced nations. The statistics are stark, 95% of people tested are out of balance; in Europe the average is 15:1 in other parts of the world it is worse, e.g. USA 25:1.
These are commonly used oils that are rich in Omega 6 and in some cases commonly used in processed food preparation like hamburgers, McDonalds use soybean and canola for example. In themselves these oils are not bad, it is just that we consume far too much of them throwing out the balance ratio.

  • soybean oil.
  • corn oil.
  • cottonseed oil.
  • sunflower oil.
  • peanut oil.
  • sesame oil.
  • rice bran oil.

When we ingest these¬†inflammatory oils, it causes our cell walls to be hard and rigid which reduces proper communication and leads to inflammation in every cell of the body affecting our joints and organs. It’s like adding fuel to the fire!
Not all Fats are the same.
Making sure that we are eating only Good Fats which include Omega 3 fats such as wild caught salmon, sardines, flax seed, chia seeds, walnuts and grass fed butters etc. Vegans and Vegetarians find this more challenging to do, due to the diet restrictions. But there is a really simple solution for everyone that can redress any imbalance you may have.
These days it’s also so easy to test for your Omega 3:6 ratios to find out if your body is in¬†optimal health. The video below shows how we TEST YOUR RATIOS, this is so powerful because you can actually validate that what you are doing is actually working!


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